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Create your own warm weather beauty for your home or office. Heather Nursery will be supplying all of the goods - from the greens and soil to pots and decorative items. You are also welcome to bring in your own planter (pot) if you have an empty on hand at home!

Purchasing a ticket (aka pre-paying for your beer) secures your spot at this private event on Sunday, May 19th at 1PM. In order to have enough room for assembly, we are limiting this event to 25 people. When you arrive, your name will be on our attendee list and you'll grab a beer of your choice! We will also have a variety of pop available for the non-beer drinkers.

When you are finished assembling, you will pay Heather Nursery directly for your succulent garden. Price will depend on size of planter + amount of plants selected. Typical cost if using all of their supplies is around $65.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Heather Nursery accepts cash or check only!

Plants + Pints: DIY Porch Pots

  • Sorry, no refunds!

  • Redeemable in the Talking Waters taproom only!

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